Hatfield Temple Law continues decades long tradition of honoring First Responders

Florence, March 4, 2024 – In recognition of their unwavering dedication and exceptional service, Hatfield Temple Law proudly announces its annual recognition of the “First Responders of the Year” recipients. This prestigious award is presented to the brave men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect and serve the Florence County community.

First Responders pictured with Hatfield Temple Law attorneys in front of Florence office

For 14 years, Hatfield Temple Law has recognized the recipients of this award and helped to ensure that these honorees receive the attention they deserve. Senator Hugh Leatherman hosted the inaugural “First Responders of the Year” event and did so until his death. The local legislative delegation – Representatives Wallace H “Jay” Jordan and Phillip D. Lowe, and Senator Mike Reichenbach – now hosts the recognition event at the Statehouse.

The selection process involved rigorous evaluation of the outstanding contributions made by first responders in Florence County. Each honoree was selected by their supervisor. From fire fighters to law enforcement officers, these heroes have demonstrated courage, compassion, and selflessness in the face of adversity. Their commitment to safeguarding the well-being of the community has not gone unnoticed.

List of Honorees:

SC Highway Patrol

Captain James A. Segars (Supervisor)

M/Trp. Cathy R. Miller

TFC Robert A. Scott

Florence County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff T.J. Joye (Supervisor)

Captain Michael E. Brumbles

Director Michael Brown

Deputy Kamalis Gonder

Corrections Officer Demishia Woodson-Robinson

City of Florence Police

Chief of Police Allen Heidler (Supervisor)

Corporal Ethan Boseman

Lieutenant Jon Watt

Administrative Specialist Stacey Watt

City of Florence Fire Department

Asst. Chief Alex McGovern (Supervisor)

Captain Bobby Nichols

Deputy Chief Hank Glover

SC Department of Natural Resources

First Sergeant Brian Urquhart (Supervisor)

Lance Corporal Spencer Driggers

The award ceremony will serve as a platform to celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of these distinguished individuals. The event includes recognition of the honorees by members of the state legislature, a private tour of the Statehouse, and a presentation of a commemorative plaque at a lunch with the legislative delegation from Florence County.

“It is an honor and privilege to organize this experience for these honorees. Their exemplary service and sacrifice demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism and heroism. This annual recognition is our small yet heartfelt way of expressing gratitude for their invaluable contributions to our community and is truly one of the highlights of the year for our firm.” – E. Hood Temple, Founding Partner of Hatfield Temple Law

“Through this annual event, we aim to foster a spirit of appreciation and respect for the vital role played by first responders in ensuring public safety. These men and women are an inspiration for our entire community. We are proud to continue this tradition started by Hood Temple and Senator Hugh Leatherman.” – Alec Hogsette, Partner at Hatfield Temple Law

“We are excited to recognize our courageous men and women at the Statehouse. Collectively, we hope to make this a memorable occasion as a small token of our appreciation.” – Representative Wallace H. “Jay” Jordan.

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